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LTU engine Version 7 has the following new features

New Feature Details
New mobile DNA Enhanced mobile DNA (+10 % on the detection rate)
New Logo DNA New DNA designed specifically for Brand Monitoring
Application management Applications can be managed directly from the Admin Interface: enable/disable applications, advanced parameters
Manage, create and reload applications Applications can be managed without restarting LTU engine.
Statistics tools Comprehensive statistics of general system usage and content. Available for all applications or individually, it can be found as a variety of graphs in the Admin interface or exported as CSV files.
Query Logs Visualize all queries and their results through the Admin interface
Matching zone The Matching Zone helps understand which part of the image our algorithm matched.

LTU engine 7 has the following changes in architecture :

Architecture Details
Shorter response time for Mobile DNA New Mobile DNA response time as low as 500 ms regardless of the database size
Scalability LTU engine new architecture allows for better scalability and performance fine tuning
No database to maintain LTU's DNAs are now entirely handled by LTU engine so you don't need to managed you own database installation