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LTU Engine 7.8
A comprehensive recognition platform

LTU Engine server is the image search leading software developed by LTU Tech to:

  • Search for exact or edited images, images with shared contents or visually similar images based on colors & shapes.
  • Extract and search color palette from image or set of images, create dynamic palettes based on color set and find subtle differences between matched images.

Check out the WhitePaper to have a understanding of the provided capabilities.

A scalable platform capable of handling millions of images in record time

Capable of indexing and searching millions of images in mere seconds, LTU Engine is a robust, versatile and stable image recognition platform. It is available both as OnDemand hosted on our server or OnPremise hosted on your server, depending on the complexity of your system, image volume and expected search activity. Since both options share the same API it is very easy to switch between the two.

Tools for easy integration and management

The LTU Engine API is highly adaptable and compatible with most data structures – integration is possible with any API enabled software via HTTP and JSON.

Admin user interface

The LTU Engine user interface makes it easy to setup, manage the image database and monitor the performance of the system. The UI includes image upload, image browser, usage analytics and much more.

First steps

Digging further

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