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What is new in LTU Engine 7

LTU Engine 7 has been redesigned for a better use, performance and flexibility. Here are presented the news LTU Engine 7 features.

Easier product management

> New front office

A new front office has been set up for a better application(s) management.

Application dashboard
Manage easily your application(s) directly from the administrative interface:

  • create new application without restarting LTU Engine
  • check the status of your application(s)
  • enable/disable your application(s)
  • adjust advanced parameters

Statistics dashboard
Follow the activities of your applications thank to comprehensive statistics of general system usage and content. Application content, errors and queries by days graphs are available for a better monitoring of your application(s). Export as xls or csv files are possible.

> Postgress SQL integrated to LTU Engine 7

Postgress SQL database is entirely handled by LTU Engine 7 so you don't need to managed you own database installation anymore.

> Faster and easier setup

The setup has been optimized to be faster and easier. The install process get the data in a configuration file instead of asking you the configuration.

More efficient product

> New signature

The 72 signature has been introduced to:

  • enhance mobile DNA with 10% more on the detection rate. New Mobile DNA response time as low as 300 ms regardless of the database size.
  • improve logo recognition. The DNA is designed specifically for Brand Monitoring.

> New Architecture

Architecture has been redesigned with LTU Engine 7 to improve the performance:

  • Scalability allows a better optimization of database of more than 1M images
  • Redundancy allows a better dispatch of incoming requests and to not stop the service if a server falls


The new LTU Engine API's is highly adaptable and compatible with most data structures. Answers are provided in the application/json mimetype. JSON format is lighter and easier to parser than XML.

{"status": {"message": "Image added to the reference database.", "code": 0}}

> Fine tuning

You can tune news parameters to improve the images recognition technology.

> Matching zone

You can access to more detail on the Matching Zone to help you to understand which part of the image our algorithm matched.

More intelligible product

For a better understanding of LTU Engine product, the following elements has been improved.

  • The documentation has been reorganized to provide you a better support
  • The front office has be redesigned for a easier usage. Visualize all queries and their results through the Admin interface
  • A python client has been developed to help you in starting your own application

Let's start to discover LTU Engine by learning more about the LTU Engine administrative interface.