LTU Cloud Quick start guide

Before starting, be sure that you have a LTU Cloud account. If not, please subscribe to a demo account on our website.

You will make your first steps on our LTU Cloud platform, a middleware on the top of LTU Engine OnDemand. An evaluation project using matching algorithmes has been created to let you test with your references database.

This documentation will help you to discover the main functionalities of the LTU Cloud interface. Also, you will be guided to:

To go started, go to the Cloud interface and log in with the information you have received by email at your account creation.

A visual contains:

  • one or more images which should have a relationship with each others
  • and potentially some metadata (message, url…).

Each visual needs a title and can have a name which has to be unique. The field name can be used to link a visual with your business database identifier.

A movie visual could look like:

  Title: 'Tonari no Totoro' 
  Name: 'tt0062622' (id in movie database)
      URL: ''
      Director: 'Hayao Miyazaki' 

and its images could be:


Depending on your plan, number of visuals and images could be limited.

1.1. Create your first visual

From the Visuals menu, choose Add Visual. Fill the visual information and add eventually some metadata.
Select the images(s) to add and validate by pushing on Add Visual button.

1.2. Add multi visuals

Several images can be imported at the same time. But be careful, each image make a new visual.

From the Visuals menu, select Add Multiple Visuals. Information and metadata could not be filled here, but could be updated later.
Select the images(s) to add. The images will be automatically imported.

The images has been added. You can visualize or update visual(s) by pushing on the Review your visuals button.

Consult the Update part of this documentation for more information about updating visual(s) datas.

1.3. Browse visuals

All your visuals are displayed on the Visuals page. They are accessible from the menu Visuals/Browse.

1.4. Update Visuals

By pushing on the orange edit button, you can change visuals contents.
A new windows opens. You can update a visual:

  • title
  • name
  • metadata
  • images by pushing on the add an Image button

A query is the result of the upload of an image to search references. The query contains, among other things, the list of visuals that were matched, if any.


Depending on your plan, you can send a limited number of queries.

2.1. Send a query

From the Queries menu, click on Send Queries. Upload an image to query. The process will start automatically.

2.2. Get a match

The result of the process will be automatically displayed after a few seconds.

The orange square represents the matching zone.

At this step, you could add the query image to the found visual by pushing on the add to this visual button.
A new window opens. You can see the other images of a visual and add the new image by pushing on add image button.

2.3. Consult the global queries history

From the Queries menu, go to Browse History to consult the queries already sent.

2.4. Consult visual queries History

From the Visuals page, you can access of the queries sent for a visual. By pushing on the blue button, you can display the visual queries history.

3.1. Get LTU demo application

An iPhone application is available on the Apple Store to go further with your test. On the AppStore, you can find it by searchig “LTU mobile”.

By default, the application is connected to a CD covers and a movie posters databases.

3.2. Register your account on it

You have to sign In with your LTU Cloud credential if you want link the application to your references database.

3.3. Try to match it your mobile

Scan an image with your mobile and get the result.