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 +<​html><​center><​div style="​font-size:​300%;​padding:​10px 10px 10px 10px;">​LTU Engine OnDemand</​div></​center>​
 +<td width="​10%"​ />
 +<td width="​30%">​
 +<img src="​https://​docs.google.com/​drawings/​d/​16tFjZwOEheqm2aItkAFm4oJvGruLsUE6hXVCoJ7oqVc/​pub?​w=513&​h=405"/>​
 +<td width="​70%">​
 +<​p>​Everything is on the cloud, hosted and managed by LTU Tech: <p>
 +  <li style="​margin-left:​50px">​ Minimum upfront investment, choose a plan regarding you traffic and images</​li>​
 +  <li style="​margin-left:​50px">​ Optimal for organizations with limited IT infrastructure and budget</​li>​
 +</​html>  ​
 +<box round #3b5b68>
 +<fs x-large>​Specifications</​fs>​
 +|  [[/​engine/​on_demand/​description|Discover features]] ​ |
 +|  [[engine/​on_demand/​user-guide|User guide]] ​ |
 +<box round #3b5b68>