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New Features

Version 6.0 of LTU engine/ON demand adds new features to the Administrative Interface:

  • Option to visualize all queries: Visual query logs may be activated, which display query images and query results.

To request activation of this features, please contact

For the following two features , there is a limit on the file size which may be uploaded; please see the administrative interface.

  • Batch Add: Image management features of the Admin Interface allow the adding of images via upload of a .zip file.
  • Batch Queries: for testing and image management purposes, batches of images may be submitted as queries by .zip file upload via the Administrative Interface. Results are displayed visually in a Batch Search Report.

Other Evolutions

LTU engine/ON demand is also evolving in these areas:

  • Image Similarity signature: a new image search signature is available for applications searching for images which are similar to the query image (rather than searching for images which match the query signature).
  • JSON API: in addition to existing API's, the evolution permits utilization of a new JSON API, which mirrors the SOAP API.

Please contact for any questions concerning signatures or the JSON API.