Upgrade Engine to 7.8

The LTU Engine installation requires an account in our platform. Please, contact us if you don't have your login/password yet: support@ltutech.com

This documentation will guide you during the upgrade to LTU Engine 7.8.x

Please notice that this guide only describes how to install LTU Engine on a Debian server.

Before upgrading LTU Engine, you need to retrieve the last version of LTU Engine 7.8.x zip file.
To know more about how get the last LTU Engine zip, you can consult the LTU Engine 7.8 setup guide.

If you have any question or misunderstanding, do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@ltutech.com.

Once the zip retreived, the LTU Engine upgrade could start. Upgrading is really similare to installing LTU 7.8.x.

  • Copy the LTU Engine zip on the server temporary folder.

For that, open a terminal windows and type the following command:

#on local terminal
$> scp my_origin_folder/ltu-engine-7.8.x.zip root@x.x.x.x:/tmp
  • Log in as “root” in your server by using the SSH protocol.
ssh root@x.x.x.x
  • Unzip the LTU Engine zip
#connected as root on the server
$> cd /tmp
$> unzip ltu-engine-7.8.x.zip
  • Launch the installer command
# on server
$> cd ltu-engine-7.8.x
$> ./install.sh

The upgrade program propose you to backup the actual version.

Note: Upgrade logs can be found in /opt/ltuengine/logs/upgrade.log