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LTU engine server multi site feature

The idea of this feature is to have only one site to administrate. The satellites will be used only for search and will be slave of the main / master site. Every content administration will be done to the main site which will dispatch to the right place the DNA.

A satellite is designed to manage search only very quickly. For network performance reasons, it can be setup close to your end-users without recreating a new instance of LTU engine server.

You can easily destroy a satellite application and reload it later from your main site with our rebuild feature.

Search feature is robust against any network outage with the main site, it will need it only to synchronize its logs to compute stats. Indeed, stats of sites are centralized together.

AddImage will be done on the main site and will be dispatch to the right satellite.

Here's the architecture. For more information, please contact support we'll be glad to help you.