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Release Note LTU engine 5.2

Last Release of VERSION FIVE

LTU engine version 5.2 is the final release on the VERSION FIVE series.
LTU engine 6 will be the version installed for all new customers.

No further enhancements will be added to Version 5.

Full product documentation for LTU engine/server Version 5 is available is accessible via the help tab on the main menu:

LTU engine Version 5.2 has the following new features:

New Feature Details
New Similarity Signature An improved “similarity search” signature has been added (Signature 04).
Signature 04 is the recommended signature for similarity search.
Enhanced Mobile Signature An enhanced version of the signature recommended for mobile applications has been added: Signature 70.1.2
Enhanced Installation Improvements to the installation system

LTU engine server 5.2 is supported only in the following environments:

Operating System Distribution Version
Linux Debian 6
Linux Centos / RedHat 6
Windows Server 2008