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This Python client allows you to access your LTU engine instance through its JSON API. Both read and write requests are supported.

Get the client

Getting the python client is as simple as a git clone request:

git clone
cd ltuengine-python-client/
python install

Upload your images

Once you have obtained an application key, you can start uploading your own images:

from ltu.engine.client import ModifyClient
client = ModifyClient("my_application_key")
print client.add_image("myimage", "/home/user/image.jpg")

Image recognition

Start using your own image search engine:

from ltu.engine.client import QueryClient
client = QueryClient("my_application_key")
print client.search_image_by_upload("/home/user/image.jpg")

Complete Documentation - LTU engine API

For complete documentation on the LTU engine API, please see LTU engine API's